Levels 96 - 100

Once you're reached the end (or, even before then) we'd appreciate it if you'd let us know which levels you liked, and maybe even which ones you didn't, haha.

These last 25, we hope, were a challenge, but congrats if you made it to 100!
Let us know when you've reached the end (well, what's the end for now at least).

Level 96
Level 97
Level 98
Level 99
Level 100

Levels 76 - 80

Just when you thought it was all over, we're back to let everyone know that the next 25 levels have been posting, resulting in ONE HUNDRED levels of Deceived Mad Pain.

We're warning you now.
The new ones are tough, and will definitely test your knowledge (or your googling skills).

So you think you're ready?
Go back to level 75, and press continue.

[I'll post the rest of the posts for the rest of the levels tomorrow; if you get past 80 and need help, just comment here].

Level 76
Level 77
Level 78
Level 79
Level 80

Levels 71 - 75

And finally we've reached the last five and for now, the end of the game. Don't worry, there will be more coming in the future so make sure you check back for updates!!

Level 71 - Out with the old and in with the new
Level 72 - Read.
Level 73 - Put it together
Level 74 - Riddle me this
Level 75 - They all [threewords.html]

Levels 66 - 70

Only one more post after this!
The end is where they definitely get harder (I think...)

Level 66 - Band [Short] + song title = xxx.html
Level 67 - Song title + band name
Level 68 - $$ There are seven $$
Level 69 - Think of what you did in the past...
Level 70 - Thank you agrius!

Levels 61 - 65

I feel like I always have to type something here before putting the level titles... Haha.

I ... really don't have anything to say, however. -_-'

Level 61 - Yumyumyummu in my tumtumtummy
Level 62 - Just because you loved it the first time around...
Level 63 - Thank you dracunculusmed!
Level 64 - All the members are...
Level 65 - BANG BANG BANG - Clear them all away

Levels 51 - 55

So hree we go! The first set of new levels ready to be conquered!
Please make sure you TRY EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF BEFORE YOU ASK FOR HINTS. I know they're hard, but think and use the tools that you have before to solve them. ^^

Level 51 - 06.11.08
Level 52 - Their first.
Level 53 - xxbyxx.html
Level 54 - Where did he go?
Level 55 - Rest in peace.