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deceivedmadpain's Journal

Deceived Mad Pain
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Welcome to the community for Deceived Mad Pain

A Japanese rock riddle site.

Where fans can test not only their problem solving skills, but their knowledge of many different bands.

For more information on the site itself, please click here, and also check out the FAQ & Tips

This community is for fans to get together and help each other solve levels they may be having problems on. This is not a community for spoilers. Therefore to prevent spoilers, all posts must be approved. Don't ruin the game for others; this is for hints only.

With that in mind, the rules of the community are:

1. Feel free to ask for hints! Your post must go through moderation first, to avoid spoilers, so please wait if it's not up immediately.

2. Anyone can reply and give hints, but PLEASE do not under any circumstances give out the answer. If you do, you will automatically be banned from the community. Seriously. Just don't ruin it for other people.

3. Please keep posts about the riddles.

4. However, if you find any sites that you think are really resourceful for solving some of the questions, feel free to share!

5. Of course, please be kind to other members. Remember, something that's obvious to you might not be to someone else.

6. If you have any specific questions regarding the site (not regarding answers) please e-mail webmaster@dmp.pink-spider.net.

That's it for now! Check out the site, don't get frustrated and have fun!

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